What I ate: Week 4

I'm interested in what I eat everyday- the rhythms of the weeks and seasons. When I was cooking lunch at the yoga studio every day, someone remarked that I had one of the most varied diets of anyone they had ever seen. We shall see :) 

What did I eat in week 4?


Breakfast: oatmeal with pecans, ground flax, flax oil, and cranberry sauce. A staple

Lunch: shaved and sauteed brussel sprouts (the food processor was already a bit dirty from carrot grating), buttery potatoes and parsnips, red lentils with turmeric, and sesame seeds for looks.



Breakfast: Same as Monday. My current cranberry sauce stores are running low 

Lunch: slightly steamed then sauteed kale (plus stems!), roasted hokkaido squash, the rest of the red lentils, a few black beans to taste, and roasted seeds from the squash. 


Breakfast: Same. I am a creature of habit. 

Lunch: round 2 from Tuesday but with buttery potatoes and black beans instead of red lentils. 


Breakfast: Oatmeal with homemade apple butter, pecans, flax, and ghee

Lunch: Tried roasting purple cabbage which works ok and ryebread with toppings- I had two pieces with 'hummus'ed black beans and cucumber slicer


Breakfast: Bircher Museli- tried over the weekend and tried again today. Made with milk, yogurt, oats, grated apple, and pecans. 

Lunch: Olive Oil braised chickpeas with lemon, thyme, and lives served with carrot/cucumber/tomato/tahini salad and roasted savoy cabbage


Breakfast: Surprise! Oatmeal :)

Lunch: Roasted chickpeas, fennel, and cabbage, with olives, lemon, parsley

Dinner: Homemade pizzas! This time we tried frying the dough on the stovetop and the toppings were sauteed spinach, caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, and mozzarella. 


Breakfast: So predictable.... oatmeal! 

Lunch: Pizza! A pan pizza with potato slices, rosemary, marscapone, pinenuts and sauteed leeks. 


Other treats this week: oranges! The oranges from Spain are so good right now- I've eaten a lot. Carrot-Parsnip bread. Lovely apples from KBHFF.  Also! Homemade sweetened condensed milk and irish cream :o)

Notes: I think it's really interesting to see my food laid out like this. As I was writing it I remembered that the parsnips were added to buttery potatoes to test the possibility, that we were trying to eat through the potato stash before the Wednesday vegetable bag arrived, that the black beans were cooked with cumin and were so amazingly tasty- creamy almost.