Hi, I'm Cecelia and I'm interested in food. 

I love making, eating, and sharing delicious, most-of-the-time healthy food. I believe that one way to health and happiness is through the kitchen knife and a few basic ingredients. For me, there is so much joy in learning how to make food, hearing the story behind the food, and sharing food with friends. 

I became interested in food from an early age and fondly remember baking and cooking with parents and grandparents. When I moved away from home, Alton Brown and 'Good Eats' were starting to become popular. As someone trained in science and raised by an engineer, I can relate to and appreciate Alton's approach to food and recipes. I like the idea that we can understand why and how a recipe works-the scientific method is applicable in the kitchen too! Along with 'Good Eats' , I look(e)d to Julia Child, Cook's Illustrated (and America's Test Kitchen), and the growing number of food blogs for inspiration. As my life has changed and evolved so to have my cooking and recipes. 

Somewhere along the way, I became a vegetarian (and honestly weekday vegan) and a yogi. As part of my life as a yogi, I've also become more interested in Ayurveda and the concept of food as medicine and healer. I practice ashtanga yoga and I currently live in Copenhagen, Denmark though my roots are in Virginia. My cooking is based in my roots as a scientist and America but is now guided by a desire to eat a mostly sattvic or 'yogic' diet which is vegetarian and egg free. 

I hope you're inspired to cook along!